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Listed oversea

International comparison between Japan JASDAQ and American OTCBB

International comparison of Japan JASDAQ and American OTCBB 
International comparison of new listing. 2018-1

International comparison of new listing


  Japan JASDAQ American OTCBB

Companies with high

growth potential

High technology company

Listing preliminary forces to


Sales standard More than approximately 500million yen More than 10million yen
Profit standard

Deficit OK

Excess debt NO

Deficit OK

Excess OK

Costs for listing


・internal control


80 million yen 40 million yen
PER(Market capitalization/Net income) 7times to 28times 5times to 200times

300million yen to 6.4

billion yen

100million yen to 3billion yen
1year new listing (2017) 16companies 50companies
Suitable company Companies with growth potential


・healthy stock price is high

Suitable Japanese


Want to increase name

recognition in Japan

They has technical capabilities but just founded

Want to be famous in the world
Sales bases before listing Japan

America(Sales of about 8

million yen are enough)