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Features of the office

Explanation of the features of the office
Our international certified public accountant office has worked diligently to develop services that meet clients’ needs through experience gained from audits and management guidance of listed companies for more than 30 years. Below, I will explain the features of our office.

1. Representative has provided services from a clients’ point of view from the standpoint of audit, tax and management guidance to SMEs and more than 300 listed companies doing international expansion overseas.

2. When the representative worked in an audit corporation, the delegate has experience in the US and has engaged in auditing American companies in the US, auditing and tax guidance of a Japanese corporation in the United States of America. Even now, advisers have many subsidiaries in the United States, Europe and Asia, and they prepare English financial statements, provide guidance on reclassification, and provide management guidance.

3. We have undertaken audits, taxes and management guidance for all industries ranging from construction, real estate, manufacturing industry, wholesale industry, retail industry, transportation equipment, service industry, medical corporation to gold mine.

4. After experiencing difficult times right after the collapse of the bubble, we have been supporting companies in a wide range of fields, including cash flow financing, financing, corporate revitalization, including companies that have encountered credit crunch from financial institutions. We also supported the civil revitalization of the client, the two companies revitalized and they are still growing now.

5. 22 years has passed independently from major auditing company, we have extensive experience in corporate taxation and we are good at international tax, transfer pricing taxation, international withholding tax etc. We are doing a wide range of from observance and negotiation of national tax / tax investigation to refund of income tax, consumption tax and withholding income tax by correction request

In addition, we offer a new service called “Overseas correspondence 119”.