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About advisory fee

In case of establishing a new company



Thank you very much for your kind help    

We will quote about the outsourcing agreement for the establishment of a new company as follows

Item    Content of service   Fee Sum 

1.Company establishment fee

Make the minutes of

Board of directors

General meeting of shareholders



Make the articles of incorporation / Notary /

Authentication procedure


Apply for Commercial registration at Legal affairs bureau

  Expense (Including document shipping expenses etc.)    

Bank account opening support

  Acquire a registry certificate at Legal affairs    


Document storage box, company seal, company


The above package fee (※Excludes stamp duty on registration)

98,000 98,000


Initial cost

Accounting software registration fee    20,000  
  Tax office/ Establish corporation/ Apply for blue return/ Consumption tax selection 20,000  
  Prefecture/ Municipality/ Apply for company formation 10,000  
  Establishment of office name plate    




Legal & tax expenses

Commercial registration fee (this is included in the establishment cost in the first year)

 (Yearly)  (From the second year onwards, officer change etc. is included, but revenue stamp fee is not)



Become an outside corporate auditor or an outside director (Any)

  Make the Minutes of Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders and Board of Directors Meeting



Creation of Settlement of accounts







Proxy of a tax return

Creation of a tax return form






Outsourcing fee

A)Monthly settlement Monthly report pay slip

 (Monthly) If monthly work is unnecessary, it will not take



  B)Fixed time work    


  Advisor fee (consultation of finance, management and tax. Tax office telephone correspondence)  

 + 1 to 2% of sales amount


(Financing  In case of doing bank correspondence, consult us separately)


  (Miscellaneous expenses such as transportation expenses and travel expenses are not included)  


  C)Quantitative task  

+ 1 to 2% of sales amount

  Posting in Accounting (1%) / payroll (0.5%) / bank correspondence (0.5%)  

Company registration is within our company

Registration tax is a notary fee of 52,000 yen for the articles of incorporation and a registration fee tax of 150,000 yen (a total of 202,000 yen) (Since the articles of incorporation are certified by the electronic articles of incorporation, revenue stamp fee of 40,000 yen pasting in the articles of incorporation is unnecessary)